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My name is Jonathan Yen, the author of MIDI Genie.

My Chinese name is YG (Chinese traditional characters, BIG5 encoded), which is pronounced as Yen-Hsiao-Liang in English.

Here are some links of my interest for you to check.

Music - Especially Progressive Rock in the 70's

My favorite three bands are:

Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Pink Floyd

Science and Fantasy Fictions

Gene Wolfe - the most literary fantasy writer.
(Can't help it! I love both fantasy and classic literature.)


Programming, Multimedia, etc

Special Items
Following these links if you can read Traditional Chinese.

My Programs

Check up my program page if you're interested to get some freeware programs made by me.

My MIDI Files

For me, hearing is better than watching.
I like to collect MIDI files. I even tried to create some myself.

My MIDI files are absolutely amateur but true 'alternative' music.

Playing Now: Power and Technique

Music from Super Robot War 4, Banpresto. Sequenced by me.

A Short March 2:40
It's a short march, not a LONG MARCH.

A Walk to the Seashore 2:02
Do you like to walk alone?
Revisit to the Compact Hell 1:16
It's a hell on earth, but it's not Doom! :-)
Sorrow 0:31 Mourning 0:36 Waiter and Reaper 2:01
Sad, sad, sad waiter really fears the reaper.
Weird Lives We Live 1:16
You don't think your life is weird? You are simply not one of Us!
Mist in My Eyes 2:00
Another piece full of sorrow.

All MIDI files in this page are works of Jonathan Hsiao-Liang Yen Copyright (C) 1997-1998

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