Jonathan H. L. Yen's Programming Works

Downer (Freeware)

Shutting down the Windows 9x system at scheduled time.   For the time picker in the program,  "You must have COMCTL32.DLL (version 4.70, dated 8/9/96, approximately 370Kb). This file is available from Microsoft; if you have installed Internet Explorer 3.0 or MS Office 97, you already have it."   You can minimize the window to a small tray icon, and restore the window by a single click on the  icon.  You will always have 30 seconds of time to cancel the shut down.  The only thing you have to remember is to save all your works and close down all the programs that will prompt you anything before Windows shut down.  Force shut down is not implemented here, since the author can not afford to be sued by someone that lose their preccious work due to the force shut down.

MIDI Genie (Shareware)

A Windows 95/NT multimedia files and audio CD player, also a file manger, with many advanced features. This program has been applied to broadcast sound in shopping center, and to play music in church and live performance. This program is a five stars Editors' pick of  ZDNet (a major Internet software download centre).

HTML Colour Picker (Freeware)

A Windows 95/NT program for picking colour by adjusting three slide bars. This program will present the HTML code of the picking colour all the time. Most suitable for a HTML coder who do not like to use WYSIWYG tools, but need to find the HTML colour code somehow.

DirectMusic Player (Freeware) (Down!)

Set Resolution and Restore Resolution (Freeware)

Utilities to switch screen resolution of Windows 9x/2K/XP on the fly.  Run setres.exe will change the screen resolution of Windows 95 to 640*480.  Run resres.exe later will restore the screen resolution to the default resolution before running setres.exe.  These two utilities are useful to work along with multimedia application that was designed for 640*480 resolution, but still need to look like full screen programs and function properly when run on a computer with different resolution setting.

Car Attack

A game made with Visual Basic, it's a bit similar to the old "Froggers" but more simple in all aspects. Your need to have Visual Basic Runtime installed to use this program.


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